Products for Commercial Spaces

Daikin air conditioning systems for commercial space are capable of satisfying the needs of any, even the most demanding, customers. This section is represented by a huge selection of indoor unit configurations, Daikin Super Multi Plus systems. DAIKIN TWIN compressor-condenser units and systems.

Wall-mounted split systems DAIKIN FAQ have a high performance and can be used in office, trading and auxiliary spaces as well as in server rooms. DAIKIN FAQ can be completed with both inverter and non-inverter type outdoor units, are capable of operating only for cooling or heating-cooling. When required, they can be equipped additionally with wall-mounted control panels (optional). In order to operate in server rooms, Daikin FAQ air conditioners can be equipped with low temperature sets FROST and ICEBERG, and air conditioning coupler (rotation) systems СРК-D and СРК-DM.

Cassette-type split systems are available in 4 configurations of indoor units; cassette-type air-conditioner Daikin FFQ, with 60 x 60 cm dimensioned cassettes, suits well for mounting on suspended ceilings (Armstrong type). Have a modern design and multiple color solutions for the front panel. DAIKIN FCQG – interesting front panel design with the ability to select a panel with automatic removal of pollution from the indoor unit filter. DAIKIN FCQT – classical cassette-type air-conditioner. All Daikin’s cassette-type air-conditioners have a built-in drainage pump and can be fitted with low-temperature kits. Certain models have the capability to admix fresh air.

Daikin FDXS low pressure ducted air conditioners are notable for a low level of noise and compact design.
DAIKIN FBQ medium-pressure air-conditioners are available in a wide range of capacity, with high free pressure up to 200Pa, compact and economical. Daikin FDQ high-pressure air conditioners – high capacity, charge up to 250Pa, reliability.

Daikin FUQ ceiling-mounted quadruple-flow air conditioners: distinctive design, one size for the whole model lineup, slim, ability to adjust to the ceiling height.

Daikin FHQ ceiling-mounted single-flow air conditioners: high energy efficiency, ease of mounting, capability to admix fresh air. Daikin FLQN floor-ceiling air conditioner is distinct in its versatility of type of installation. Compressor-condenser-type units Daikin ERQ are versatile, easy to assemble and operate.