Daikin company has a very broad and diverse lineup of air-conditioning, cleaning and ventilation systems for residences.

Wall mounted split systems of diverse design, functionality, and different price categories. These are: budget, non-inverter type Daikin ATYN and Daikin FTYN; the most popular models of the recent seasons – Daikin FTXB and Daikin ATXN that combine modern design with the required functionality and a very attractive price; classical inverter type air-conditioners with extended functionality Daikin FTX, ATX; extremely economical and quiet air-conditioners Daikin FTXS, ATXS with “Intelligent Eye” and “3-D Flow” features; the latest development of Daikin – FTXM combining the highest class of energy efficiency, and almost silent operation of the indoor unit; models with a huge-functionality and an avant-garde super design, optional selection of the color of indoor unit Daikin Miyora FTXK, Daikin Emura FTXG (FTXJ employing freon R32); split systems with external air inflow and the feature of humidifying and dehumidifying air Ururu Sarara Daikin FTXR and Daikin FTXZ. These air conditioners enable maintaining all necessary parameters of the microclimate in the room: ventilation and air purification, maintenance of ambient temperature and humidity.

Floor split systems Daikin Nexura FVXG with the unique front panel of the indoor unit that, in heating mode, enable radiating a portion of heat to the space; classical Daikin FVXS and unhulled floor indoor units Daikin FNQ.

Multi split systems of varying capacity, with the ability to connect 2 to 9 indoor units. Daikin MXS and Daikin RXYSQ employ Freon R410 and Daikin Mxm employs Freon R32.


Daikin Air Purifiers.

Such as Daikin MCK75J with humidification/hehumidification functions, and Daikin MC707VM and Daikin MC70LVM air purifiers. All air purifiers have a multi-stage air-purification system capable to effectively clean air, compact and modern design, and long life.

Supply-and-exhaust monoblock units with heat recovery Daikin VAM have a wide range of performance, compactness, and do not require drainage.