Airfel Gas Boilers

A large number of users have already been able to form estimate of Airfel boilers. Each year, the number of Kazakhstanis that select this manufacturer’s heating equipment is noticeably increasing. This is facilitated by the beneficial differences between TM Airfel and other brands.


How Airfel gas boilers are manufactured

Airfel, as one of the constituent parts of major transnational company Daikin, organizes its manufacturing processes according to the most stringent quality assurance standards. Production facilities for the manufacture of Airfel heating boilers of different types are located in Turkey. The desire to meet consumer demands has led to successful sales of products of the brand in many countries across the world. Efficient, quality and functional boilers of this brand often exceed expectations of consumers, which increases the popularity of the Company’s products.

The plant at which Airfel boilers are manufactured is now capable of producing up to 300,000 units of finished products per year. The Company continues to improve production processes, especially the quality control system. In order to meet the highest expectations of consumers, the quality of raw materials is monitored, the latest development and processing technologies are being introduced, staff training and development is caried out.

Tests are a mandatory stage before each boiler goes to finished product warehouse. These include the testing of various boiler systems for leak integrity, high-load resilience, robust operation in various conditions. The Airfel boiler which you see in the store has passed all the tests, and you can be fully confident of its working capacity and proper quality.


About Airfel Boiler Models

The main products of the Company are heating boilers of two types – convection and condensation. They may vary in terms of capacity, as well as some specific features directly related to the type of unit.

The Airfel Digifel Premix model is one of condensing boilers and has the highest efficiency rate of all Company models – 108% (according to EN677). This is the most economical brand series that can be used to create a truly efficient heating system.

The main element that provides economical operation and impressive efficiency of the unit is the burner. The design of the Premix burner, which is used in this model, contributes to the most complete combustion of fuel and the maximum transmission of thermal power to the heat exchanger. This significantly reduces the energy consumption for large space heating. The capacity of Airfel boilers of this type ranges from 22.4 kW to 37.7 kW.

Economic efficiency is not the only advantage of Airfel condensing boilers. Presence of protection for all boiler systems and the possibility of extending the functionality by connecting an external thermostat and gauge turns these boiler models into functional and reliable heating equipment.

Efficiency rate of Airfel boilers of convection type is slightly lower – it is within 93% of 94%. However, according to European requirements to energy-efficient heating appliances such performance rate is considered as conforming the criteria.

Various models of convection gas boilers are manufactured under the Airfel trademark. They can vary in terms of capacity, functionality, and design. They are common in the employment of the most advanced and efficient technologies, and also in that these are two-flow boilers – the most popular type of equipment in our country.

Boilers of Integrity and Integrity Plus series are equipped with a range of functions that ensure that the parameters of the equipment are maintained within the safety standards. The self-diagnostic system enables safe operation of boilers combusting natural and liquefied gas. Capacity of these models ranges from 25.6 kW to 30 kW.

Digifel and Digifix boilers may have bithermal or monothermal heat exchangers. Monothermal models can be distinguished by having Duo in the name. In terms of capacity, heating boilers of these series are roughly equal to the previous one – from 25.7 kW to 30.7 kW. They also allow for connecting external hardware to enable adjusting temperature in the room in a more flexible manner.


Why Airfel is the best choice

You will always be able to select a suitable boiler among different models of Airfel equipment. The price of one or another model is determined by different capacity, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Regardless of the type and price of Airfel boilers, they all have an excellent quality, as well the functions needed for a comfortable use. Through using Airfel boilers, users get a number of advantages:

• Comfort supply of hot water;

• Flexibility in setting up heating parameters

• Quiet operation of boiler which does not create any discomfort;

• Durability of all boiler components;

• Compliance with the strictest requirements for the safe operation of all boiler components – electric, gas supply and discharge of combustion products;

• The appearance of boilers fits them into the most modern interior.

Another advantage, which many users of Airfel equipment have esteemed, is information and other support for the manufacturer’s products provided by Eximas Limited which represents the manufacturer’s interests in Kazakhstan. The network of brand offices in all regions and the availability of professional service make the use of Airfel boilers bringing joy and satisfaction.