Capabilities of Daikin Air-Conditioners

Daikin Company is a recognized leader in the market of climate control equipment. With their quality, design and cutting-edge functionality, air conditioners of this brand surpass equipment of other manufacturers.

In operation, Daikin air conditioners are capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers that do not limit themselves in a permanent comfort, neither save on the latest engineering achievements and undeniable quality, absolute reliability and high style.

Daikin air conditioners provide precise temperature control, create the most suitable microclimate in the room even at the most extreme outdoor temperatures.

All new models employ exclusively ozone-friendly refrigerant (freon R410).

Daikin equipment owes its impeccable reputation to the best existing protection against faults.

Each new Daikin model has in it a modern design and the latest functionality using all the best from the previous model series.


Depending on the model, modern Daikin air-conditioners are equipped with the following features:
Timer on/offProgrammable timer to turn on/off
AutoAutomatic mode selection
Auto RestartAutomatic restart
One touch controlSingle-tap control
Intelligent EyeHuman-detecting sensor "Intelligent Eye"
Home Leave OperationPartial load mode in the absence of people
Self Diagnoses FunctionSelf-test functionality
Hot StartWarm startup feature
Good Sleep OperationComfort sleep feature
Set ModeNight-saving feature (energy saving)
Energy-Saving TechnologyEnergy conservation technology
PMV (Predicted Mean Vote)Automatic climate control adjusted to weather conditions
Energy-Saving TechnologyEnergy conservation technology
Programme Dry FunctionProgrammable air drying in the room
3D-FlowVolumetric air flow spreading over the room
Air Purifying Filter, Photocatalytic FilterMulti-stage air purification with photocatalytic function
Zigzag Skew Angle Random Pitch Fan, Enlarged Suction InletQuiet fan with diffuser
Synchronized Aero DiffuserSynchronizing diffuser
Indoor Unit Quiet OperationQuiet indoor unit
Outdoor Unit Silent OperationQuiet outdoor unit
PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation Сontrol)Electronic power control
Auto Fan SpeedAutomatic fan speed control
Night Reluctance DC MotorMagnetoelectric engine
Swing. ScrollState-of-the-art design compressor
Automatic DefrostingAutomatic defrosting (release from slight ice built up)
Super Multi PlusPutting together a super multi split system
Anti-corrosion TreatmentAnti-corrosion protection
Washable GrilleRemovable front panel allowing easy cleaning of the air conditioner
Wireless, Wired, Centralized , Touch ControllerDiversity of control panels
Antibacterial LayerAntibacterial surface of the remote control

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